Therapeutic options here are based on EMA drug approvals with deviating approval details clearly marked. Drugs availability may vary in your country.

Terms and Conditions of Use

The QuIP FGFR-Portal is the leading platform for obtaining evidence-based information on biomarker tests and therapies. The Portal hosts a biomarker-based therapy algorithm. This algorithm is based both on current medical guideline recommendations as well as the latest scientific findings. The Portal provides a structured overview of recent information, helping users to navigate this body of knowledge with up-to-date summaries of tests, evaluations, interpretation, and scientific literature on various tumor entities.

Quality in Pathology GmbH (QuIP) was established with the aim of providing support services to pathologists in Germany and Europe, optimizing their testing results, and offering assistance for all of the relevant scientific and organizational activities required for quality assurance work.

The information provided is intended to offer pathologists, consultants working in other disciplines, and oncologists orientation at the interface between tests, evaluations, and therapy options. The algorithm is based on current medical guideline recommendations as well as recent research findings.

The corresponding and distinct phases of the disease, along with the corresponding tests, are represented in each case by a clearly structured algorithm that provides detailed information on the tests, the corresponding test results, and the various therapy options.

Use of Portal and Content

The Portal and its contents can be accessed directly from the algorithm landing page. Users are also welcome to use a specific biomarker or approved drug substance/drug as an entry point for accessing the information provided on the Portal.

Use of the QuIP FGFR-Portal and the content provided is free for registered users.

Registration and Login

To comply with German data protection laws, the QuIP FGFR-Portal cannot be offered as a public-access service. All content on the Portal is available exclusively to medical practitioners. After registration, QuIP customers will find a link to the FGFR-Portal is provided automatically on the main QuIP site. All practitioners with a DocCheck account will also have access to the Portal. Please email QuIP if you are interested in accessing the Portal but do not have a QuIP or DocCheck account. If you meet access requirements, you will be issued with a QuIP access code for using the Portal.


The QuIP FGFR-Portal is undergoing continuous expansion and improvement. Both the content and the algorithm itself are regularly updated.


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